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Yuilop is pretty cool

It's basicly Google Voice, but for the UK. The good bits:
  • It works on wifi or mobile data.
  • It's free.
  • It seemlessly can send texts from the website
It's really cool apart from a few things:
  • It has a credit system for paying for calls to non members, except it has no way to buy credits. You can earn them from incoming calls though.
  • It doesn't let me port in my number, I have to get a new one.
  • It notifies me every time I earn a credit. Except I really don't want to be notified 20 times a day. A summary somewhere in the app would suffice.
  • They have a cool website www.yuilop.me. Except yuilop.me is a different website.
  • It doesn't seem awfully reliable, especially with multiple devices on the same account or when on 3g. I think they need some kind of auto-fallback to the standard phone network if it can't contact the mobile app within ~3 seconds.